Hi Guys, since the last topic was on where to go while in BH, I’d like to talk about “having fun”, or how people think they should do it. First, I need some remarks on how some people really make a difference in most situations.

Today, I had the pleasure of spending a big part of my day accompanied by a great group of friends. It is believed by most people that having fun is to go out to night clubs, parties*and dance, kiss*, maybe pair up, drink all night long, travel the world, but I believe that where you go and what you do is strongly affected by who is with you.

You might go to the best party, the hot spot of a city or even* the best restaurant* in town, but if the person who is by your side does not make any good of it, are you really going to enjoy it? I really do not think so.

Have you ever noticed that a simple movie at home plus(or not) a combo of popcorn+soda watching an old movie with your beloved one was way funnier than that fancy restaurant with that pretty picky chick/boy?

I mentioned my friends today because I did not really do anything special with them, but it was so nice that I barely noticed time going by. I got there around 11a.m, when I next checked my watch, it was 8p.m already!!! The talk was so nice, the jokes, nostalgia, everything was so good by their side, that I did not want it to finish. I think that sharing happiness and good times does not really depend on where you go or what you do, but it does on who you are doing it with or to.

Thus, look around you, value who is by your side, and enjoy your time with people you love, because maybe, time is going by so fast that you might not have time to enjoy them later.

People go, places stay!