Tourist Points and bars in Belo Horizonte

Hi folks!

I’m happy to be here again! And surely a cliché, but a very convenient one due to the time, I’d like to make some remarks on places people, foreign or not, should go here in Belo Horizonte.

I don’t know how it’ll sound, but I am not the kind of person who is tied to what is on the media. People usually pay for having their business shown on TV, and that does not mean their business is a place everyone should go. Despite of that, there is a little track I do think people should go for.

First, go to Lagoa da Pampulha (or Pampulha’s lake). Pampulha might not be in its  perfect condition, but one must say it is a wonderful view of an enormous beautiful lake surrounded by beautiful houses, which belong to the high-society settled in this neighborhood, some nature, different kinds of birds, capybaras and for luck ones, a sight of an alligator might pop up.

Close to the lake, there are 3 nice places people should take a look. 2 of them are neighbors, Mineirão and Mineirinho, which are two stadiums that hold the majority of sporty events around here. Mineirão is the one which was completely remodeled to hold some of the official matches 2014 , and Mineirinho (for the record, Belo Horizonte is situated in the state of Minas Gerais, and a person from here is called Mineiro; the suffixes –rão and –rinho mean, in this order, big and small) often holds national and international volleyball matches, as well as concerts.

The third place, is not the airport itself, but the beautiful view you have from the weir to the airport. There, you can see planes taking off and landing from a very advantageous position. What’s more, there is Parque das Mangabeiras (Mangabeiras’ Park). It is a natural park, which is perfect to go hiking and see some wild animals. Near to it, there is the Praça do Papa (Pope’s square), a beautiful roomy square where people go play with and walk their dogs and families. Before I forget, all of these places I mentioned have free admission, so, even though they might be in the media, they are not for one’s enrichment.

Mangabeira's Park

If you are more of a party-person and you are willing to know why Belo Horizonte is the city of bars and pubs, you won’t lack alternatives. There are many, many bars, different kinds, night clubs, restaurants, parties for everyone’s taste. We have a kind of competition here, which gives the title of champion to the bar which sells the best food. It’s called “Comida de Buteco”(Bar’s food) and it reunites all the favorite bars around the city; you should take a look at the event’s site to check which bars take part in it. Also, there is a bunch of night clubs you can go to: Caribbean, Na Sala, Cinco, Swingers are some of the options.

As for restaurants, you might choose among Porcão, Adega do Sul, Baby Beef, Fogo de Chão, Topo do Mundo (where you can also go para-gliding)…I’d spend days naming all of the options. You can also choose to go toMunicipal Park, museums, theaters. Summarizing, if you are in doubt on where to go, take a look at our site!

And have fun!!

Gutemberg Cortelete